FAT - with clients both local and worldwide, wanted to have a consortium set-up with the Top leading Advertising Technology providers. With this the consortium was formed on October 20, 2003. Handling projects for MNC companies and assuring them to get the right information and the right company at the right time.Consortium is a tossed salad of public companies, government entities, academic organizations and nonprofits working to develop cutting-edge technologies. Consortium's goal is "to accelerate the diffusion of advanced advertising technology, in particular into the commercial sector."
Advertising Technology makes advertising and marketing more easy and direct for consumers.

FAT register the worldwide companies who are involved in the innovation of advertising, publicity, marketing and technology products and bring that to their customers directly.

FAT is related to many latest advertising technologies and we have more then 100 companies listed with us, what we do is that we take the project from fortune 500 clients and associate the listed consortium companies With that and we take project fees as per the project they handle, more then that we go and do the presentation on behalf of the consortium companies and once the client is interested and then we give the contact of that particular consortium company details to them.

The added advantage to add your company with our consortium is that you don’t need a local representative and you can have the added value services from us.

2003 Future Advertising Technologies